Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa and other Dioscorea spp.)


Products Containing Wild Yam

Adren –Comp (Enzymatic therapy),
Adren-Plus (PhytoPharmica),
AM Plus (Brain 111 Formula),
Arth-Rid Us (The Herbalist),
AsotasPlus for Her (NewLibido.Com),
Asotas Plus for Him (NewLibido.Com),
Athlete-Peak (The Herbalist),
Atri-Liv-GLB (Atrium, Inc.),
BetterMan (Interceuticals),
Biogra, Biogra for Women (Olympian Labs),
BioLean Accelerator (Wellness Int. Network, Ltd.),
BLF#44 Woman’s Change (Health Center for Better Living),
Bloussant (WellQuest Int., Inc),
Botanical Chi (Naturally Safe Technologies),
Breast Enhance (NewLibido.Com),
BustPro (HealthMinded),
CDC Chondro Forte (Genestra-Seroyal),
Chaste Tree-Siberian Ginseng Virtue (Blessed Herbs),
Clinical Nutrients Eye Formula (PhytoPharmica),
Colic tablets (Hyland’s),
Complete La Femme Capsules and Liquid (Baywood International),
Damiana/Ginseng formula (Nature’s Way),
Dong Quai and Royal Jelly (GNC),
Enviro-Gard (Aspen Group, Inc.),
EstroGentle (Bodyonics, Ltd.),
Fem-Gest (Progressive Labs),
Female Advantage (Body Wise International, Inc.),
Female Balance (Olympia Nutrition),
Female Balance (Now),
FemEssence (Advocare International),
Femme Advantage Creatine Serum (Muscle Marketing USA),
Femme Alzare (Alpha Male Nutrition),
Fennel-Yam (Atrium Inc.),
Firm Lotion (Mannatech),
Four-in-One (Changes Intl., Inc.),
Gastrix Formula (Nature’s Way),
GBLVR (Nutri-Quest),
Her Stuff (Blue Stuff, Inc.),
Herbal Fem (Nutri-Quest),
Herbal GI (PhysioLogics),
Herbal Grobust (HomeCure),
Herbal-F (Progressive Labs),
Hype-Ade Capsules,
Hypo-Ade (Enzymatic Therapy),
Hyporil (PhytoPharmica),
I-MNS (Dial Herbs),
ImmuneTune (Young Living Ess. Oils),
Joint Rescue Formula with Glucosamine+ (Dr. Bussan’s),
Joints Formula (Nature’s Way),
Kyolic Estro Logic (Wakunaga of America Co., Ltd.) ,
Liquid NewBust (Tiger-One.com),
Looking young (FreeLife International),

Male Power (Futurebiotics),
MannaBAR (Mannatech),
Mega Vita Min for Women (Puritan’s Pride),
Men-Applause (The Herbalist),
Menopause (Nutrivention),
Menopause Formula (Natrol),
Menopause Formula (Nature’s Life),
Menopause Support Formula (Body Language Vitamin Co),
Menapro (HealthMinded),
Mexican Yam Extract (Enzymatic Therapy),
Mid-Life Creme (Aspen Group, Inc.),
Milagro for Women (Changes International, Inc.),
Milk Thistle Formula-Quest (PanGeo Health Brands, Inc.),
Muscle Mass (Source Naturals),
MVP (Mannatech),
Natural Source DHEA (Life Extension),
Natural Sterol Complex (Universal Nutrition),
Nature’s Fingerprint-Fingerprint Botanicals (GNC),
NewBust, NewBust Lotion (Tiger-One.com),
Nugestrone (NutraCeutics Corp.),
Phoenaz (Dazzle, Inc.),
Phyto Estrogen Power (Nature’s Herbs),
PLUS Herbal-Amino Acid (Mannatech),
PMS Relief Formula (Body Language Vitamin Co.),
POS1 (Advocare International), Premenstra (HerbaSway).
ProEstron (Neutraceutics Corp.),
Progesta Plus (Aarisse Health Care),
ProgestaCare (Life-Flo),
Progesterone Cream (Source Naturals),
Progesterone Plus Creme (Nutri-Quest),
Prosta Support (Nutri-Quest),
Red Clover Support Complex (Puritan’s Pride),
Reliv ReversAge, Reliv SoySentials (Reliv International),
Resist (Pacific BioLogic),
Solaray Spectro 3 (Nutraceutical Corp),
Soy Miracle Ultimate Antioxidant (FreeLife International),
Sport (Mannatech),
T-5W, T-HYPO, T-MISS, T-RHU (Dial Herbs),
TestronRx (Neutraceutics Corp),
Three-in-one (Changes International, Inc.),
Ultimate Libido Formula for Women (MD Healthline),
Ultimate Wild yam (Swanson),
Ultra Diet Pep 2000 (Natural Balance),
UpTime Herbal (Uptime Sports Nutrition),
Viagra for Women (Best Life International),
Virile V for Him (USA Pharmacal Sales),
Wild yam (Alvin Last),
Wild yam Cream (Youngevity),
Wild Yam Extract (PhytoPharmica),
Wild Yam Root (Nature’s Bounty),
Wild Yam-False Unicorn Virtue (Blessed Herbs),
Wild yam/Dong Quai Formula (PhysioLogics),
Women’s AM Multi, Women’s PM Multi,
Women’s Guardian (Clinician’s Choice),
Women’s Liberty (Traditional Medicinals),
Yam Extract Plus 30 (Atrium Inc.),
Yam Extract Plus 30 (Aspen Group Inc),
Yucca-AR Formula (Nature’s Way), Zyladex Plus (Medlabs)
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